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The following artists have been published, co-published or are related to the Keroxen festival. They have been present at numerous Keroxen events over the years, from the main Keroxen event, a festival that has been taking place every autumn since ten years ago at a huge empty oil tank in the downtown of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, to the little sister edition of the festival in Lanzarote, varied parties all over the island of Tenerife or label showcases such as the one at Bienal de Arte de Lanzarote in an incredible volcanic tube caves Los James del Agua in Lanzarote or national festivals like Sevilla’s Monkey Week. As a festival and a label, Keroxen is open to collaboration, cooperation, artistic exchange and any proposal close to the organization’s philosophy, in general. Should you have any inquiry regarding our label, festival or any of the artists listed please write to: or get in touch with the artists directly.


Keroxen / Ear Conditioning. Tenerife / UK

Musician, DJ, producer and member of a British based multi-ethnic band, Fun-Da-Mental. Worked for Virgin Records in the80’s and currently living in Tenerife running an independent label Ear Conditioning and putting out his music under the moniker KingLman. As a DJ, Dave has become an essential piece ofthe Keroxen line ups, a true master of ceremonies present in the openings and closings of the festival programme every year. His ability to read the audience and guide them beyond the expected and collectively unexplored sonic realms full of mysticism, tribal rhythms, funk, hip-hop, rap, and above all, energy, make his sessions truly unique experiences. And not to forget his frenzy contortionist dance. Pure magic.

Hara Alonso

Keroxen. Las Palmas / Stockholm

Piano, Experimental electronic. Clicks and Cuts.

Pianist and sound designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Hara combines her live performances with music writing, pedagogy and new technologies, collaborating with numerous multimedia projects, dance, visual and performative arts. In 2018 Keroxen publishes her debut album, Pianoïse, a work where the piano and electronic music, melodic and atonal, rhythm and texture, wittily intertwine to give rise to surprising and inspiring soundscapes.

Gaf y la estrella de la muerte

Foehn Records. Tenerife

Psychedelia, Space Rock, Experimental.

Pychedelic and space-rock mutant band from Tenerife. Their constant experimentation and exploration of sound, song structures and moods along with their powerful and lysergic live acts often accompanied by evoking images and visuals makes them one of the major exponents of Spanish psychedelia. They have been publishing under Barcelona based Foehn Records since 2010, and their last album, Gamma Bay, released in 2018 is yet another twist in style and sound, being not only much more energetic, darker and denser than before but also closer to shoegaze and psychedelic rock.


Keroxen. Tenerife / Amsterdam

Instrumental surf, Soundtrack, Post-rock.

Three-piece band based in Amsterdam formed by Tenerife born Carlos H. Dorta, FJ González Torres and Felipe González Cabezas. Monocroma sounds like a soundtrack, a mix of instrumental surf, vintagepsychedelia and Chicago type post-rock with reminiscence of Ennio Morricone and Angelo Badalamenti. Their musicis perfect for reflection and traveling, especially if it is along the coastline watching waves crash through the Atlantic Ocean mist. Their debut album, ‘Vokver a la Tierra’ was recorded by Alex Filgueira (Fumaça Preta) in Amsterdam and mastered by Mark Kramer. Published by Keroxen in 2017.

Pony Bravo

Telegrama / Cupula Music / Keroxen. Sevilla


One of the most personal and essential bands in national independent scene nowadays. Praised by the press for their innovative vision of music and blending of rock with such varied styles as blues, funk, dub, rap, punk, flamenco, krautrock or neo-psicodelia and sharp and acid lyrics in Spanish turned over time into generational underground hymns nationwide. Gurú, their latest and fourth album that counts with Keroxen collaboration, is without any doubt another huge step forward of this unclassifiable and creative sonic machine.

Pony Bravo playing Keroxen festival


Keroxen. Tenerife

Electronic, Drum’n bass, Dub. Bass Music.

During the daytime probably the most underground postman in the country. At night, a dance-hall villain and prolific and unquenchable producer exploring electronic music sub-genres being the bass music, hip-hop, dub, soul, drum’n bass and occasional techno flavor his favorite ingredients in his powerful and genuine killer tracks. So far, he has put out two albums under Keroxen Label. Life Can Change in a Moment (2016) and Making Lemonade (2018).


Jabalina Música / WAW. Tenerife / Las Palmas

Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Indie rock.

Duo formed by brothers Jaír and Noé Ramírez. With their four albums and several EP’s published so far, Pumuky is one of the major references of the Spanish independent scene. And although they might be classified under what is widely-known as Spanish indie sound their flirting with noise music and the progressive and more ambient side of shoegaze together with Jaír’s profound and dramatic poetic sense reflected in his lyrics makes them clearly different from the rest and unique in its kind.


Keroxen. Tenerife

Psychedelia, avant rock, shoegaze, noise rock.

Formed in Tenerife by Daniel Báez (Tupperwear) and Ruyman García in 2015, halfway between the most psychedelic mood of The Kinks and noisy and explosive shoegaze of bands such asMy Bloody Valentine, resembling also sometimes the sounds of the Canadian Constellation record label artists when they add up their collaborator Elsa Mateu’s cello to their compositions like in their brilliant and lysergic debut album Humanoides del Abismo released by Keroxen in 2018.


Keroxen. Tenerife

Tropical electronic, Bass Music, Etno-Futurism. Experimental.

Organic electronic duo formed by Daniel García (Salétile) and Mladen Kurajica (Gaf). In their ten year existence, three albums and several EP’s they have developed a peculiar way of understanding and conceiving the electronic music, linked mainly to the exploration of senses through sound textures, noise and polyrhythms in their compositions, and experimentation, real-time sampling and unpredictability in their powerful and unclassifiable shows. In 2017 Keroxen published ‘Mokele Mbembe’, their third LP, as well as re-released their second album ‘Rumor Vitreo’ put out by Ruin Records in 2010.


Keroxen. Tenerife / Berlin

Tropical electronic, Freak pop.

Solo project by Tenerife Berlin based Roberto Mirando. Usted croons and plays the ukelele over his bizarre electronic compositions made of fat rhythms and beefy synths. His show has been described as ‘the only and unique self-tribute band’, especially when he performs along with his alter ego, a real size woolen doll made to his own image and likeness. His intelligently conceived and playful debut album, Odoro, was released by Keroxen in 2018.


Gandula / Keroxen & others. Barcelona

Experimental, Avant-jazz, Progressive Rock, Psychedelia.

Always innovative and unclassifiable in their compositions and explosive and technically perfect in their live acts which are pure energy. Thanks to the collaboration between different international labels and orchestrated by Za!’s own label, Gandula, Keroxen has finally come to release something from a band that has been present in Keroxen events almost every single year since the very beginning. Pachinko Plex is Za!’s fifth album and another twist in sound in their career. The guitar is replaced by the synths, randomized loops and sound textures which in conjunction with processed and polyrhythmic drums create a powerful and unique blend of psychedelia, hardcore, free jazz, African rhythms and vintage Japanese video games music.

Visual Artists

Lasal. Tenerife / Berlin

Tenerife born multidisciplinary artist, a founding member of Tupperwear and frequent Keroxen festival collaborator. Currently based in Berlin where he works in the field of generative design and interaction. He creates visual sequencers based on abstraction, parametric design tools for works on paper and interactive installations in public spaces. He also workson audio visualization and collaborates frequently in audiovisual and choreography projects.

Simone Marin. Tenerife / Italia

Media artist, programmer and co-organizer of festivals Keroxen, Numa and Proximos. Simone Marin is the man behind the big part of incredible visual experiences that happen on the huge screen made of recycled plastic cans inside the Keroxen empty oil tank.

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